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Recently microbes have been used for various purposes. The convenience of stakeholders to access information sources of microbial presence will have an impact on potential microbial dissemination, improved institutional services, and increased sources of income for microbial collection agencies. The management of systematic collection of microbial data will improve service professionalism and secure the source of microbial biodiversity itself. The service of microbial needs is not only intended for the local needs in Indonesia alone but for users around the world as well.

AnMicro is an ASEAN Networking on Microbial Utilisation. The network aims to strenghthen the research and human resource capacity throught some collaborations among members and dialogues with other international organizations. AnMicro workshop to be held at Universitas Airlangga is an international workshop that invites researchers and practitioners from ASEAN countries that are engaged in the utilization of microbes. This workshop is held to equip the participants with the storage and management of microbial data as an effort to collect microbial collection at the ASEAN level.

The workshop will involve more less 30 researchers or practitioners as its participants. The participants are engaged in the utilization and collection of microbes from ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Philippine, Thailand, Mynmar, Laos, Vietnam and Singapore.

The workshop's outputs include the realization of a computerized data collection system of microbes that can be easily accessed by users, and the initiation of collaboration among institutions engaged in the field of microbial utilization. A provision of comprehensive and systematic microbial data will enhance the role of institutions in microbial trade at the ASEAN and the world level. SCHEDULE and for Registration Please (SIGN UP)


Community Empowerment through Marine Biotechnology for Community Development in ASEAN is the first International workshop on Community Service taking place in Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya for two days. The workshop raises particular issues on Biotechnology, specifically Marine Biotechnology, and the implementation of marine biotechnology for business and community empowerment. This workshop is addressed to answer the challenges on how Marine biotechnology is applied for community empowerment. Involving more than 30 participants coming from Asean countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Phillipine, Thailand, Mynmar, Laos, Vietnam, and Singapore, it will be attended by scholars or researchers whose expertise is Biotechnology or Marine Biotechnology.

The workshop will feature more than three experts in Marine Biotechnology as the keynote speakers. The outputs of this workshop are innovative and creative community service proposals that could meet the community needs. Later, the proposals can be implemented not only in Indonesia, but also in other Asean countries.

1. Who are the keynote speakers and invited speakers?



2. Who are the participants of the workshops?
Senior Researchers from ASEAN Universities with Biotechnology or Marine Biotechnology as their expertise. The committee will expect 30-40 participants in the workshop.

Detailed information about the program fee for the workshop as followed:

1. For Marine Biotechnology OR AnMicro workshop only: a 2 days program including program fee, workshop kit, 3-days 2-night accommodation (for 1 room 2 people only) with breakfast, local transportation during the program, and city tour.

        The program fee for international participant is:
        1)    Fee   : USD 200

        The program fee for Indonesian participant is:
        2)    Fee    : IDR 2.100.000

2. For 1 package program (Marine Biotechnology and AnMicro): a 3 day program including program fee, workshop kit, 4-days 3-night accommodation (for 1 room 2 people only) with breakfast, local transportation during the program.

         The program fee for international participant is:
         1)    Fee              : USD 300
        The program fee for Indonesian participant is:
         2)    Fee              : IDR 3.000.000

3. What is the output of the workshop?
The outputs are proposals for Community Service Activities which can be applied for the community development in ASEAN. The proposal must concern how marine technology can be applied in supporting community development.

4. How to apply for the workshop?
a. The participants need to fill the registration form here (SIGN UP).
b. After the registration is confirmed by the committee, the participants need to pay the program fee (for the self-funded program) via wire transfer. The invitation letter will be issued when the wire transfer is confirmed by the finance committee.
c. There will be NO on-the-spot registration.
d. The participants will be given the pick-up services confirmation form, room arrangement, and the activity schedule.

Note from the committee:
The Marine Biotechnology workshop is limited for 40 participants only from ASEAN countries.
The AnMicro workshop is limited for 30 participants only from ASEAN countries


  • Institute of Tropical Disease Universitas Airlangga, Campus C Mulyorejo Surabaya - Indonesia